Armenia Report – Bro. Dima

I had a blessed trip to Armenia – Dec. 4-15. On the attached pictures you will see how many things I brought with me for Armenian believers. Our local saints have given lots of clothes, especially for sisters, to wear. I brought Singer sewing machine so that they could make their own clothes. You can imagine how happy they were! I also brought meat-chopper machine as they needed it greatly, used laptop and parts for Brother Artak’s car. So both of my bags were packed full with total weight of 46 kg, and that was for free because 2 bags per 23 kg were included in the ticket of Aeroflot airlines. So it was a great blessing!
I arrived on Thursday night. On Friday night we had fellowship with Bro. Manuk, cousin of Bro. Artak, who is a believer, but he’s trying to get rid of his bad habits. So we tried to lift up his faith in the promise of God and establish him in the present Truth. 
Then on Saturday we drove down to Artashat to attend the engagement party of Argisht, nephew of Bro. Artak, who works as a police officer. He heard a lot of our preaching before. He's a nice guy. So we had opportunity to get to know many of their relatives. And we were given a word to say to this young couple. Brother Artak and I have spoken the word of exhortation which affected many people present. Later some people approached us asking questions about who we were because most of them were unbelievers and were not acquainted with us. They noticed we were different. So it was a testimony in itself.
Then a certain sister from Pentecostal church in Sevan asked Brother Artak and myself to pray for her husband who was hospitalized having water in his lungs. When Brother Artak asked me about it, somehow I did not feel led to pray, because the request came from his wife and not from himself. And he was an unbeliever. Later I've heard from his wife, Sister Margaret, he was even burning her Bibles. So when we brought her to the hospital on our way to engagement party, she didn't say a word to us about praying for him. So we just drove on. And the next morning they told us he passed away. That way the Lord has kept us from having a bad name among the people. If we had prayed for him, and he passed away the next morning, it would mar our reputation among many people, because they are superstitious, and they would blame us for his death.
Then on Sunday I preached for Brother Artak in Sevan. After the service we talked to a couple that attended our meeting. They used to go to a Pentecostal church, but then they left it and studied the Bible with their family at home for 25 years. And when we got to talking about Trinity, and they asked us to explain some Scriptures about the end time, they accepted what we said right away. You could definitely tell that they were searching for Truth. They are very nice people. I believe God will deal with them even more through Brother Artak’s ministry.
On the other hand, on Monday when I had to talk to a Pentecostal elder, Brother Andronik, on the same subjects, he went arguing about it. I believe God shows us things in the way of a contrast. That way I can see it depends on the approach of a person. If he wants to learn, he will receive something. Otherwise, he comes to teach instead of being taught. 
After Brother Artak fixed his car, we drove on Wednesday to Noyemberian to visit Brother Ararat, the Pentecostal deacon, who is reading the Message for quite a while. He talked to me openly about what happened with Brother Sasun who has backslidden from the Lord and what a stumbling block it can be for other people in his city. I could see Brother Ararat is a very influential person in Noyemberian and can be used of God to spread the Message there. He preaches the Message in his church without mentioning the name of Brother Branham. I told him he could not hide the Light under the bad for a long time. Sooner or later the Light has to be put in an open place. I encouraged him to share the Message with his people. And if they see the Message, they will surely have to come out of that denomination.
The Lord has also given me the opportunity to testify to a young man by the name of Khayk who went with us to Noyemberian to buy fruits for Brother Artak. He is a real nice young man who wants to help Brother Artak to buy nice fruits to sell in the store. Later next Sunday he attended the service in Sevan where I was preaching. He enjoyed the service there very much. 
And then on Friday we drove to Yerevan to find a good electric piano for church services because it's very needed at the meetings. We found a good one – Yamaha P-105 for $1000. Brother Artak has taken installment credit in the bank and will pay for it gradually because he needs some cash to buy refrigerator for his store. This week after my departure he opened his store to sell fruits because this is the most profitable time just before New Year and Christmas.
And then we drove to Pentecostal group in Ashtarak. Their pastor, Brother Misakh, has invited me to preach for him there on Friday night. The Lord has changed the atmosphere by His Word tremendously. His deacon, also named Brother Artak, used to keep a distance from us. But after service he opened his heart to me and told me his personal testimony about how the Lord changed his life, and how he came to the Lord. To me it was a great victory.
Right now Brother Artak is waiting for Brother Misakh, the pastor, and his wife to visit him at his home in Sevan for more fellowship around the Word.
So let's keep them in our prayers that the Lord would have success in dealing with their hearts. There is still a lot of work to do in Armenia. And I was glad to be of help to Brother Artak and his family.
The Lord bless you richly! Please, convey love and greetings to the Saints from Brother Artak, Armenian Saints and myself.
Your Brother in Christ,

Engagement of Bro. Artak's Nephew

Engagement of Bro. Artak's nephew Argisht with Evgeniya 2Engagement of Bro. Artak's nephew Argisht with Evgeniya

Pentecostal Church

Pentecostal church 1Pentecostal church 2

Bro. Manuk in front of Bro. Artak's store          

Brother Manuk at Brother Artak's store

Bro. Artak's family and other believers in Sevan

Bro. Artak's family and other believers in Sevan

Armenian Supernatural Books

Armenian Supernatural books


Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos & Thailand – Bro. Nestor

(Courtesy of Bro. Jim Crook)

Mongolia Update – Bro. Luke 

(Courtesy Bro. Dan Fehr)

(Note: Our support of Mongolia is as of this point moral only and not financial or other.)

Farewell Supper in UB at 5.00 to 7.00 PM this Evening.

Myself, Bro Turuu, Sis Oyunaa, Sis Nancy, Sis Oyungrel, Pastor Migaa of UB, Bro Jaagi and Bro Sumay etc.
Already eight. The Lord may drive a few more in.  I will take the full liberty to share the Word of God for this time.
Hired a Car for our distribution program from 1.00 PM. After lunch we are going out. It is 11.15 AM now here.
Message CDs, Books, Tracts, will fall to hands of many Christians—- Mongolians, Koreans, Americans, Africans etc
today. The Lord will do the balance.
Thanks for your prayers.

Bro Luke


Mongolia Update – Bro. Luke

(Courtesy Bro. Dan Fehr)

(Note: Our support of Mongolia is as of this point moral only and not financial or other.)

Nov. 6, 2014

While returning from Tushig Village yesterday in the afternoon, on that dusty concrete road,  one big cow jumped on our car at the front portion. Her rear leg hit at the window I was seating on the right side of the driver and the window was damaged badly.  If the leg hit on the window glass pan, I (would have) gone to be with Lord, leaving all the Mission Work to Bro Dan Fehr of Canada. The cow fell down in front of the car and the car hit her so hard. BANG ! The right side light was totally broken and the front cover of the car was bending up broken.  She left many scratches and coloring came off. The driver was very sad. But it was not our fault but of the big cow. It was a very bad day for him. He went back home late evening very unhappy.

Thank God, our car did not roll off from the road, not turn upside down. Only the Heavenly 911 saved us from (going to) Medical Emergency and ICU.  Hallelujah. Praise the Lord ! Your prayers worked in Mongolia INDEED.

Bro Luke



Mongolia Update – Bro. Luke

(Courtesy of Bro. Dan Fehr)

(Note: Our support of Mongolia is as of this point moral only, and not financial or other.)

Nov. 4, 2014

‚ÄčDoing best in these two towns of Mongolia in Sukhbaatar Province and Russia Border town of Athumboleg.  Real good good meetings. You have much work in Mongolia when you come back. Cold is started in the north now. Darkhan is a big town.  Selenge town is very very beautiful.  It is smaller but looks more beautiful and joyful. I am looking for a few more meetings in August next year.

Tomorrow morning going to the far outskirt upto Tushig, a very small town about 200 kms.  Hired a car with $150. for one and half day.  And will reach UB at Friday morning.  Heavy expenses this time including love offerings.  Tomorrow our Bro Ganbold will go to UB. So from tomorrow we 4 only will be traveling.  Bro Jaagii is translating for me now. He is learning a lot now.  The need is this Message in Mongolian Language.  Many  are asking to give the books in their language.  Bro Ganbold is become very good friend now.  I have done my best in Selenge town this afternoon.  Night I did at Athumboleg.  Hotel at Darkhan was 30,000 T for one room.

Here at Selenge Town we are at Nomin Hotel, it is better than Darkhan but same price wth 30,000T per day. One sister who was in my meetings in UB in my 2nd or 3rd visit is waiting for us for good meetings at Tushig.  Record of Recently Changed:  $400.00 at Botanic Bayanzurukh, $300 sold by Nancy for me at Supermarket at Zunharaa, $300 at Darkhan by Jaagii for me, and will change another $300.00 tomorrow morning for the outskirt trip. Not easy in this mission trip with bunch of people. Everything was compelled to go in a bigger scale by force. I have done my best, you will have many baptisms when you come in the spring season. Winter is ice only. Lot of things to be taken care of.  You will know when you come.

Thanks for your prayers.

Bro Luke


Bolu, Turkey Update – Bro. Dale Smith

Sept. 10, 2014

Bolu, The Final Leg.

I suppose as men would assess our stop in Bolu was a wasted endeavor. We weren't greeted by a church full of smiling faces ready to hear the word of God, but a single tired and weary soul concerned about his doubts and fears. He was lonely, filled with mistakes and condemnation. He was under the attack a friend and foe alike with nowhere to go. Without even a Bible he held to the truths that were told to him by our brother Hamed when he received Christian baptism on Hamed's previous visit.

He met us on a dark street and led us into his sparsely furnished apartment and there, "The Savior came and bade is darkness flee." We had a wonderful fellowship encouraging him and praying for him and when we left it was such an air of peace and deliverance. I've stood in pulpits in my backyard and preached to hundreds but never felt more used of God than to sit in a lonely apartment on the other side of the world and preach to one soul.

We went back the next night and there was another with him, not as smooth as the night before but with equal anointing. The second brother that came had many complaints, and questions about the doctrines that he had been taught on previous visits.  Hamed had to spend a lot of time with him one-on-one as we could only watch and receive bits and pieces from our translator. After a while he felt uncomfortable with us just sitting there and said "let us hear from this brother."

By using the bits and pieces that I had already gotten and what I could understand we brought him back through baptism and the importance of the name of Jesus. I took him straight to Matthew 28:19 and he was aware of this scripture but then I took him to the next verse which said that Jesus commanded them to observe "all" that he had taught them. Then we could go to Matthew 16 were Jesus gave Peter the keys of the kingdom, then carried him to Acts 2 and showed the importance of the name and how that baptism in the name of Jesus carries a promise of the Holy Ghost where Matthew 28:19 does not, but is only the instructions given to the disciples but the "keys" of the kingdom come with promise! And that the promise of the Holy Spirit would lead guide and direct us into all truth and bring to remembrance all things that he had commanded us.
There was supposed to have been 4 other believers but the "protestant" church group there had gotten to them and had scared them away from the teachings of Brother Branham saying things like the Branhamites kill their members if they leave the church and that immigration and the UN would not recognize them and would not give them their papers to emigrate to other countries.

Amazingly so called Christian churches are giving the believers in Turkey more problems than the mainstream Muslims
Then on a lighter side I told them that we do "kill our members" and referred them to the book of Colossians 3:5 and we all had a great laugh!

Final thoughts:
A fledgling work, there is a great need for printed message material. They'll be needing regular visits by seasoned ministers to dispel the fear doctrines and to help establish them in present truth.

In His Service
Bro Dale and Sis Joann