Converting the Souls to Christ

Acknowleding a core purpose of the gospel is to draw souls into the Kingdom of God, we place high priority to supporting the work on the mission field.

Our perspective is that the best way to support a missions program is to find men worthy of apostleship within their own nation to do the work of the gospel. It is far more effective to have people who know the culture, language and complexities of the political and spiritual landscapes than to rely on foreign ministry. With this approach in prayerful heart, we have been actively helping to establish the faith in many places in the world. However, our primary focus has been in these following regions.

Russia & the Former Soviet Republics

We have contributing to the spreading of the Word of God in the Russian states since 1995. The impact has been widespread. Along with sister churches in the faith, we have helped establish numerous ministries, churches and the work of translation for the spreading of the message. There have been numerous youth & family camps as well as one on one support of ministry. The efforts have been fruitful and remarkable, seeing thousands of people coming to Christ.  

Pakistan & the Middle East

The success in the Middle Eastern nations is hard to measure. The war torn and combative nature of the region makes it difficult to send people into these countries to reach the people. This is a prime example of finding qualified and quality men within these nations to do the work of the Lord. With the leadership of God, there have been some exceptional men raise up as apostles to their people. We have continued to provide leadership and ongoing support to the missionary efforts of these nations, in anticipation that the Lord will continue to bring souls to Himself.  

Crotia, Turkey, Mongolia

We are currently ramping up support of the above countries and updates will be provided as they are received by the tech and missions team. Please check back regularly on our Mission Updates page.